GPS Tracker Hire

GPS Tracker rental is only £15 for weekend hire for personal use, or from £8 for per unit for events with hundreds of participants, our GPS Tracking system is unparalleled in features and capabilities. It can be deployed to your event on it’s own, or used in conjunction with the RFID timing system. GPS Tracker technology has now advanced to the stage where trackers are no longer large bulky items. They are typically matchbox size.

GPS Tracker Hire can be for as few as one device or hundreds of devices. Each tracker sends it’s data back to our own tracking platform where it is shown on a map. Our platform supports map types including Ordnance Survey, Google road map, Satellite, OPenStreetmap and Mapbox. We can include an pre-planned event route overlaid on the map, and checkpoint or transition areas are shown too.  The current distance travaled, plus speed and movement status is shown.  As a participant passes a control / checkpoint their split time is automatically recorded on the leader board.

Our tracking platform is hosted in the Microsoft Azure network, so can be access and deplyed worldwide.

Our advice is always free.  If you are looking for GPS Tracker Hire Get in touch and tell us about your event and we can advise you of the best solution.