Sportive Timing Hire

Sportive Timing and Tracking

Highly Accurate RFID & GPS Tracking for Events


If you are looking to hire a Cycle Sportive Timing solution to suit your budget, then talk to us.  We supply highly reliable, professional solutions, that produce World-leading detection rates. We can also track riders on every inch of the route using GPS tracking technology, something than few suppliers are able to offer.  GPS tracking makes for a much more exciting spectacle, and leads to higher rates of engagement from supporters on social media, increasing visibility of your event. GPS tracking also enables us to create multiple virtual timing points on the course, so we can generate splits every few km if you need them.

How We Work

On event day one of more of out team (dependant on the size of your event) arrive, setup and test the solution on-site.  Once setup is complete our staff work with you at registration/Sign-on. We supply either disposable or reusable RFID chips, depending on your requirement. Our chips come in various form-factors including bib-number, rider-number, arm/ankle strap. Chips can be attached to the participant or the bike, whichever is the most appropriate for your event type. We will distribute the chips to your participants, and collect them again afterwards.

Once the event starts, leave the timing and tracking to us.  Finish and split times, and accurate GPS locations can be published live to the internet for instant view by supporters on the course or at home.

On the finish line we can provide instant results to riders, via

  • A physical printout of their finish time (age category times, stats etc), and split times if applicable
  • An SMS to their mobile phone (12p per participant)
  • An electronic certificate emailed, containing times, stats and splits, and personalised with your logo or event artwork

Our solutions are scalable from; a single start/finish line mat, right through to 10’s of checkpoints on the route. Use of RFID chips starts at just £1 per participant for running events and £6 per rider for cycle/trithlons

Typical cost illustrations

100 participants, Single Start/Finish mat

  • Start/Finish point – £250.00 (includes staff operator)
  • 100 riders – Active RFID chip hire –  £6.00 per participant
  • Total Cost £850.00

100 participants. Start/finish mat, plus one additional interim timing mats

  • Start/Finish point – £250.00 (includes staff operator)
  • One extra “Halfway” interim RFID mat – £400.00 (Note this is a RFID mat, not a manual entry, mobile, or tablet based point)
  • 100 riders – Active RFID chip hire –  £6.00 per participant
  • Total Cost £1250.00

If you want to discuss your requirements in more detail then get in contact with us today