If you are looking for Tracker Hire we have all the best performing GPS models, for every possible use-case.

Tracker Hire
Tracking Hire

Starting at just £15 for personal use for a weekend, or from £8 if you are hiring many trackers for an event, we have a next-generation GPS tracking platform that will meet the needs of individuals or of expedition and event organisers.

We have three main types of tracker to rent and sell; SPOT tracker, GSM and Garmin Inreach tracker. Each one has their own strengths and use-cases. We will recommend the right device for you, and are completly impartial in our recommendation.

Take a look at three stand-out features in this short video presentation, or view the full GPS Tracking event demonstration in the second video.

We hope you agree that our tracking system is world-class leading for expeditions and events, and we will not be beaten on price.

If you are looking ro make a booking or need more advice, call us at +44 1905 570880 or Contact Us via Email